Friday, 11 February 2011

My Lost Weekend!

So hard to find the time these days to write both my screen play and my blog and with recent work for DJ shifts coming is it will make it harder, but I'll be dammed if i will get to 30 and not have completed this dream, hell i don't even care now if it never gets any interest from anyone this is a personal journey and quest now, this is all for me.

I have the layout now for 6 episodes, and the character story arcs all in place, everything seems like it's almost ready to start construction one Episode one.

Also episode titles are in place now and I will post theses next week.

Later and more often.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Work Ethic

So writing is on the back burner this week and next I guess as it's freshers time so i will spend the next few weeks working mon-fri 9-5 and then slamming tunes non stop for the students of Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham.

As for book/screenplay title it's decided "The Last Dance With Mary Jane", perfect I think considering the nature of the script and characters.

Anyway I need to get sleep as it's a LONG few weeks, but the writing and ideas will flow.

Kev Laws

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Ghost

So I kinda got the chance to really explain my screenplay/script to a friend tonight and she was interested, I told her I would give her and over view of the six episodes to see if she was still interested and if so then I may consider letting her be the first person to read episode one. Well maybe after a little tweaking to names, lol.

You see they say you should write what you know, so alot of the story and the characters are based on fact and people I know, including myself.

Also I think I finally have a name for the story, but I will talk more about that soon as well as an episode and character list.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

My First Blog

Ok thats not really true, in fact I used to blog all the time but that became a bad idea, as certain people read that blog and used the content against me. That wont happen this time, because this wont be a personal blog it will be all work. This blog will be all about my DJ work, Radio, Production work and my script (a tv screenplay), will some personal stuff leak over? More than likely yes! After all you know what they say about best laid plans of mice and Kev.

Kev Laws
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